Prior to your visit, you will receive a pdf via email so that you may fill out your intake paperwork in advance of your appointment. This is a convenient and easy way for you to share the specifics of your current complaint as well as your medical history with Dr. Karlie. We are also able to discuss payment options so that there are no surprises; cash, insurance benefits, personal injury protection (PIP) after an auto accident, or worker’s compensation are all options for payment. 

Come on into the gym!

Dr. Karlie's office is located inside of CrossFit West Seattle on the corner of Admiral and 42nd Ave SW. You will see her office immediately upon entering, so don't be scared of having to fight off all the crazy crossfitters! There is street parking readily available.


You can expect your first visit to take about an hour. In this time, Dr. Karlie will review your history, perform a physical exam of functional and orthopedic tests, analyze your finding, discuss diagnosis and treatment plan with you and perform treatment. If your particular case requires an x-ray or MRI, Dr. Karlie is able to refer you for this imaging prior to treatment. We also ask that you wear comfortable athletic gear to your appointment so as to be able to move around!


At your first visit you will have discussed the recommended treatment plan with Dr. Karlie; this plan can range anywhere from 1-10 visits depending your specific case and how you respond to care. You can expect follow up appointments to last 20-30 minutes and to include some kind of “homework.” At Fuel, we truly believe in partnering with you to improve your movement patterns and decrease pain. This type of teamwork does require some at-home work from you, whether it is specific mobility work or corrective exercise. Each visit will be a re-evaluation of your case, to see where you are at in the treatment plan, and what types of at-home work you can be progressed to.